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Dance Costumes from Dance Unique - Liturgical and FlamencoDance Unique is your destination for dance costumes, ballet costumes, dance shoes, dancewear, and accessories, serving beginners to professionals for 20 years. Our staff of experienced dancers is professionally trained to help you select the most appropriate outfit for all dance occasions. Browse our Online Catalog where you can shop online for all your favorite dance apparel.

Dance Costumes

Dance costumes can vary dramatically depending on the purpose or occasion. The performance and the artistic director dictate dance costumes for performances. Although the staples such as ballet slippers, pointe shoes, and tights are almost always worn, the rest of the costume will vary significantly depending on the role and the performance. Dance Unique offers all types of dance costumes, including Liturgical and Flamenco.

Ballet Costumes

The dancewear that makes up the dance costume is more dependent on the type of dance such as ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical, ballroom, etc. The "ballet costume" varies by dance school and is often determined by the director. Often a dance costume for girls taking ballet will include ballet slippers or pointe shoes, tights, and leotards. Skirts or legwarmers are usually optional. For men, the ballet costume usually includes ballet slippers, dance belt, leggings or tights, and t-shirt. Again, legwarmers are optional. In any case, the proper footwear, leg wear, and body wear are essential.

Footwear and Body wear

In most cases, the proper footwear is generally a pair of shoes or slippers designed for the type of dance that is being performed. Leg wear is usually tights. Body wear is the most variable element and can range from a simple leotard to an elaborate costume.

Whatever form of dance you will be performing, from ballet to ballroom, Dance Unique stocks a large selection of shoes, tights, leggings, leotards, unitards, tops, t-shirts and skirts from which to build your dance costume. 

Shop Online with our complete selection of dancewear, featuring top brands in every category. If you don't find what you are looking for, contact us with your request for a special order.


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